Hair Extensions FAQs

What type of Hair Extensions do you offer?

We offer tape in and micro bead extensions at LUXURY Lash and Browtique. All of our hair is 100% human Remy hair.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair extensions are the most popular in the market because of its incredible quality. Remy hair can last up to a year and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. True quality Remy hair means that all hair collected is healthy with the cuticles are intact and running in the same direction from root to tip. Remy hair can be sourced from Asia, India, and Europe; where it comes from doesn’t matter as long as it is ethically sourced.

How long does my natural hair need to be for extensions?

Your natural hair needs to be 4 to 5 inches but the nape of the neck hair can be slightly shorter than 3 inches.

Can I color the extensions?

You can definitely color your extensions as long as you are ONLY depositing color. We highly advise to avoid bleaching the extensions as this will dry out the hair causing breakage. Please be sure to seek help from a professional for color services.

Do I need to give my hair a rest between extensions?

As long as your extensions are properly applied and removed, there is no need to give your hair a rest in between sessions. Majority of clients prefer to have their extensions removed and replaced the same day.

Do I need to buy a special type of shampoo and conditioner?

You can use your regular shampoo and conditioner on your extensions however we highly advise you buy a conditioning spray. Refrain from using anything that is protein enriched or oil-based. You may only use oil at the tips of your extensions.

Can I remove my own hair extensions?

We advise against removing your own extensions as this will most likely damage your natural hair. To keep your natural hair and hair extensions safe, it is best to go to a professional expert on hair extensions for removal.

Can I go swimming with hair extensions?

You can swim with your extensions however it is always best to dry your hair after getting it wet as extensions should not be left wet. Keep in mind going to bed with wet hair extensions is a LUXURY NO NO!


What are Micro Bead Extensions?

Micro bead extensions are attached to the client’s natural hair using a copper micro ring to keep the extension in place. We install the micro bleads from the lower back of the head rather than 2 inches above each step, and scatter in lines resulting in a more natural look. The micro beads can be reused.

Micro bead extensions are a great way to achieve a fuller, longer look and are ideal for someone with thinner hair. These extensions can be pulled up, made into a bun, brushed, washed, and treated like your natural hair!

Why are copper rings used?

Copper micro rings are longer than the traditional micro rings in length, but the metal is more thin and light. Due to the added length, the copper micro rings grip very well and will not slip. Copper is a softer metal meaning it is more comfortable for your scalp.

How long will they last for?

With proper maintenance and adjustments, the extensions will last up to 3 months.

How long is removal?

Removal takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes without hair damage or pain. The hair can still be reused and reapplied after.


What are Tape in Hair extensions?

Tape in extensions are one of the most requested hair extension methods. This method was introduced in 2010 and is now considered the best type of hair extension on the market. Tape in extensions consist of thin, light weight tape wefts that are sandwiched between your natural hairs. No tools or chemicals are required to apply tape in extensions.

There is a high demand in applying different shades of tape in extensions to present a peek-a-boo highlight or low light effect without the damage that dying your natural hair would take.

Tape in extensions are a great way to add length, color effects and volume all under an hour! These hair extensions are undetectable, discrete and water resistant.

How often should Tape in extensions be applied?

We recommend coming in every 5 to 8 weeks for proper removal and reapplication.

How long will they last for?

With proper maintenance and adjustments, the extensions will last up to 3 months.

If you have any further inquiries, please e-mail us at or submit a message through our CONTACT button in the menu and we will be happy to assist!